our offerings


The chapel: Jesus’ heart in the greenhouse

The chapel is the place where the heart of each woman may meet the heart of Jesus. It is here where Jesus will bring good news to the afflicted, where he will heal the brokenhearted, where he will bring comfort all who mourn.


Become what you are: Forming the heart through the intellect

The greenhouse will provide faith and educational activities to women of all ages. Since St. John Paul II believed that women have an essential role in transforming culture, our classes will present his teaching on the dignity and vocation of women. Other studies that fit into this purpose will also be available. Our goal is to inform and empower women to intentionally live out their God given design.


The café and bookshop: Forming the heart through the senses

Hearty coffee and tea, a selection of nibbles and lots of good conversation with friends, will be offered at our volunteer-run café. For those who prefer quiet time with a beverage and comfy couch, the bookshop will offer titles to inspire and encourage.


“Let the little ones come to me…”: Caring for young hearts

So that women with children can be fully engaged in all that the greenhouse has to offer, trained volunteers will provide childcare. (Due to state licensing regulations, mothers must remain on the premises and childcare is limited to 12 hours per week.)


In the future we hope to offer:

Exercise and blessed sleep: Strengthening the heart

Also available at both extremes, will be an exercise area to increase energy and alertness and a nap room for peace and relaxation. The nap room may be especially needed by moms of infants!

The greenhouse is open to women of any age, background and ethnicity, married or single.