the philosophy

The greenhouse reveals to women the amazing influence they have and empowers them to use it fully and intentionally.

St. John Paul II recognized that the very future of the world depends on the awareness women have of themselves. This awareness is vital in the work of transforming the culture, especially through the vocation of motherhood. All women in their essence are mothers — even those who never physically bear a child — because motherhood is both a physical and spiritual reality.

As John Paul says, “The history of every human person passes through the threshold of a woman’s motherhood.” Through motherhood, women influence not only their children, but also all people whom God has placed in their lives. Women are essential here, as society rises or falls according to the strength, vigor, and love with which this “mothering” is accomplished.

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein), a philosopher and promoter of women, was John Paul’s great inspiration. She believed that God combats evil through the power of a woman’s maternal love. She said that this power exists whether she is married or single, and extends to all persons she comes into contact with. This type of influence not only in her family, but also through her participation in all areas of society. Through the use of her feminine traits of self-gift, empathy, and entrustment of the human person, she will impact her family, and families are the foundation of the Church and society.

So when women recognize and live from their true vocation, John Paul teaches, they will have a profound impact in all of their relationships — be it as mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend or colleague — and this will be the catalyst for a better world. What an amazing gift and responsibility!